I am a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Santa Clarita, California.  My professional background is in entertainment and culinary arts.  My artistic background has been grounded in photography since junior high, and has developed to include painting and drawing in a variety of media including watercolor/gouache, acrylic, and oils.  I have an ongoing photographic series exploring and documenting the relationship between society and its connection to, distance from, and affect on the landscapes that surround us and divide us (Photographic Works: ‘Man and the Land’).  I explore ideas around the female form and its many roles in our society and to women in their individual lives, especially related to motherhood, represented through self portraits both in photographed and painted works as well as scenes from life (Photographic Works: ‘Laxity’, unpublished self-portraits / Painted Works:  Figures, Scenes, Still Life).  Along with these more representational pieces, I strive to convey the connected emotions through a series of abstract pieces — sort of the outward manifestation partnering with the internal experience (Painted Works: Extractions).  I also have an ongoing watercolor/gouache series related to the people and animals in my life who inspire and challenge me depicted through a collection of slightly abstracted detail portraits (Painted Works: Muses).  My collection includes works in various sizes from small to large.  
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